Community comes first at Green Cures in Auburn, ME

Green Cures believes that being a trusted cannabis connection for our community is just the first step in serving the greater good of the community. We want to take our success and give back as often as we can. We’re so grateful for the opportunity to provide nature’s best medicine to this community and want to pay it forward every chance we get. Green Cures will regularly hold community outreach events to work towards this goal.

Green Cures believes marijuana is a beneficial plant and that bringing a marijuana business to our community is a beneficial way to begin to positively impact the community. By forming a connection to our community and growing a business, we hope to be able to pay it forward to help those most in need. When we all work together, the world is a more beautiful place. 

April of this year is a year many “cannabis connoisseur’s” have been looking forward to for a long time. 420 isn’t just a day this year, but an entire month! Green Cures wants to celebrate this all month long in April-by giving back to the community. April might be a ways away yet, but we already are growing big plans for how to pay it forward involving the entire community while celebrating every cannabis enjoyer’s favorite holiday. Here are just a few ideas we have. Feel free to stop by, or comment on social media and share some more thoughts and idea’s on how to give back in the name of 420. 

  • Earth Day park clean up a community event 
  • Veterans food drive 
  • Summer clothes for kids drive 
  • Summer food for kids drive

At Green Cures, we have traveled our own personal journey of hardships and we know what it is like to have no one to lean on and no sign of support. We want to support our community as a whole, but people in domestic violence situations and this country’s veterans hold a special place in our hearts. We hope to be our community outreach by first focusing on the needs of those in domestic violence situations and veterans and continue to reach further to help more in the community as time goes on. To learn more about our hopes for helping others, please click HERE to read about our personal journey and our mission.