Green Cures in Auburn, ME is not here for financial gain, we are here to give back, support the community, and bring nature’s goodness to our customers.

Green Cures is woman-owned, community-oriented, and focused on helping others who are overcoming struggles-some of which our owner Tanya herself has experienced.

Tanya has very real personal experience on the medicinal benefits of marijuana. Her personal goals to help others and her community-oriented business goals truly mold together as a true reflection of who she is.

We truly believe that not only is marijuana a beneficial plant for overall wellness and support of a variety of conditions but that a marijuana business is a beneficial way to positively impact a community. We hope that our drive to pay it forward and focus on our community is only made increasingly possible through the success of our cannabis shop.

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Her story…

Tanya has had PTSD since the age of 6. As a pre-teen, she was removed from her home and placed in state custody. While under the care of the state she was routinely heavily medicated for her PTSD diagnosis. Medications were changed often as if she were “a lab rat”. Unfortunately, all the medications had varying degrees of negative side effects, from anger to exhaustion to heightened anxiety. At the age of 16, Tanya emancipated herself from the state system and became legally able to make her own choices and health decisions. She made the decision to stop all prescription medications. This is when her journey with the medicinal use of marijuana began. She smoked at night to help her with restful and restorative sleep. She smoked during the day to ease her anxiety, help with her focus and her ability to take on the day. She remained prescription free for a long time. Shortly after the birth of her son, she was persuaded to once again utilize prescription medications, first for depression, which led to the need for sleeping pills, which led to the need for medication to be able to function during the day. She very quickly recognized the road she was once again heading down and decided to stop all prescription medication and once again utilize cannabis medicinally. Since this time Tanya has remained prescription free and fully trusts in marijuana’s power to support her overall wellness and PTSD struggles. Tanya is driven to help others achieve their maximum goodness in life with the natural goodness of marijuana.

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Community comes first for Green Cures. Learn about all we hope to accomplish, how we plan to positively impact the community around us.


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Green Cures is proud to have always growing plans to give back

We have a goal to help people who are struggling with the same hardships, the same feelings of not having anyone to help, and with a variety of conditions and diseases.

Our first goal includes connecting the community to a Domestic Violence Shelter created and funded by Green Cures. Additionally, we hope to next focus on connecting our veterans to support through shelter and housing, and wellness support.

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