Green Cures is Auburn, ME’s community connection to premium medical marijuana products and more.

Let us connect you to natural goodness to maximize the goodness in your life. We are here to support you and assist you on your cannabis journey. Browse our products below. We are proud to offer product hold and call-ahead order services.

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Find the popular JUPITER BLUNTS & CONES here at Green Cures! They’re out of this world!

*Premium flower-rolled in shatter-dipped in kief-for your greatest level of goodness.*

Green Cures in Auburn, ME is proud to offer convenient services to support our community of customers.

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We work hard to connect our community to a variety of high-quality THC and CBD products and accessories as conveniently as possible.

We know life is busy and are happy to process and prep your order ahead of your arrival with our call-ahead ordering services. We offer a range of accessories for different preferences, such as bongs, bowls, papers and more. We are proud of the variety of THC and CBD products in our store, such as our potent flower, edibles, concentrates and more – Green Cures aims to please!

Pick-up your prepared order and get back to your day quickly with our call-ahead ordering services!

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